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F720 powered tiller & attachments

The power and versatility of the F720 tiller will meet the hardest of tasks head-on. The six forward and two reverse gears, ensure there's a suitable speed for every job.  Turning at the end of the row is unbelievably easy, as this well balanced unit is equipped with individual steering clutches thus allowing the machine to turn 180 degrees within its own length.  Control handles are adjustable for height and swing, this allows the operator to set the handles to the most comfortable working height and also allows the operator to swing the handles to the left or right permitting the user to operate the machine offset so as not to walk on the newly prepared soil. The powerful GX200 engine combined with the heavy duty construction makes this the largest tiller in the range. With the variety of attachments listed below this versatile machine will meet any task the professional gardener can demand.


The F720 is supplied as a power unit on large pneumatic tractor type chevron wheels.


Attachments include:


ABF1 Reversible plough (will plough to a depth of approx 8 inches)

ABF2 Potato ridger (Used to make potato rows & celery ridges)

ABF3 Five tine cultivator (fully adjustable for inter row cultivation)

ABF4 Potato lifter  (fish tail plough for harvesting potatoes)

ACM54 Front tiller slasher rotors (for breaking down very heavy soil.)

ACM55 Front tiller rotor extensions. (to give additional working width to the above)

FM66 Rear rotary cultivator (to create a very fine seed bed in one pass)

WT8 Wheel weights. (when additional traction is required heavy cast iron weights can be attached to the wheels)





Maximum tilling width



6 forward / 2 reverse

Engine model

GX200 4 stroke


Recoil pull start

Main clutch

Dead man dual lever





Dry Weight

120 - 200kg



Noise level

86 dB(A)

 Standard F720 on traction wheels



F720 with FM66 rear cultivator

F720 with ACM54 slasher rotors & ACM55 extensions

ABF1 reversible plough

ABF2 ridger

ABF3 five tine cultivator

ABF4 potato lifter

ACM54 slasher rotors

ACM55 rotor extensions

FM66 rear rotary cultivator

WT8 Wheel weights



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